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Our Great Vedas

Author: Manoj Vyas
ISBN: 9788193424742
Language: Hindi
Publisher: Kanhaya Publisher
Edition: 1
Pages: 249
Binding Style: HB
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The Veda is not only a religious text, but also a literature of the most ancient period, a primordial source of human knowledge, "Knowledge par excellence". This sacred text portrays the microscopic observations of the Vedic seers on macroscopic subjects. The Sama Veda contains the melodies or music for the chants used from the Rig Veda for the sacrifices; almost all of its written verses are traceable to the Rig Veda, mostly the eighth and ninth books and most to Indra, Agni, or Soma. The Atharva-Veda (“Veda of the atharvans or fire priests”) differs widely from the other Vedas in that it is not essentially religious in character and not connected with the ritual of the Soma sacrifice. It consists chiefly of a variety of spells and incantations, intended to curse as well as to bless. There are charms against enemies, demons, wizards, harmful animals like snakes, against sickness of man or beast, against the oppressors of Brahmans. This book supplies the straightforward answers to questions that are not resolved by lofty Vedic textbooks or the complex commentaries. It condenses the information from a vide variety of sources and captures the basic tenets of the Vedic knowledge for the readers who are beginning their journey on the path of Indian spirituality and wisdom.


The Author
Mahesh SharmaManoj Vyas
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