Reporting and News Writing

Reporting and News Writing

Author: K M Sharma
ISBN: 9789385494369
Language: English
Publisher: Falguni Publishers & Distributers
Edition: 2018
Pages: 314
Binding Style: HB
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News reporters are being taught to shoot video and to write in the succinct manner necessary for the Internet news pages. Many are learning how to implement blogs and the ruling by the UK’s PCC should help this development of the internet. Journalism students in schools around the world are being taught about the “convergence” of all media and the need to have knowledge and skills involving print, broadcast and web. News reporters or correspondents gather information, prepare stories, and make broadcasts or publish that inform us about local, State, national, and international events; present points of view on current issues; and report on the actions of public officials, corporate executives, interest groups, and others who exercise power. News reporters examine, interpret, and ready to publish or broadcast news received from various sources. Development reporting is a concept which is gaining much importance in the recent times. Development reporting refers to reporting of development related issues. Now development reporting refers not just to reporting development, but also the lack of it, i.e., underdevelopment. This book will quench the thirst of knowledge in the field of journalism and mass media is the sincere hope of the authors. If it prove to be of little value to the readers all efforts and hardships of the authors will amply be awarded.


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