Industrial Relations and Labour Legislation

Industrial Relations and Labour Legislation

Author: Dr. Monika Bansal,
ISBN: 9789385494291
Language: English
Publisher: Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2018
Pages: 309
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The industrial relations systems concept has been criticized and challenged. Criticisms have included charges that it is too static, failing to specify how change occurs in industrial relations; that its treatment of ideology is too simplistic; and that it is too deterministic or does not encourage sufficient appreciation for strategic choices made by the actors. Industrial relations define relationships between employers and employees toward each other in terms of supervision, direction, planning and coordination of organizational activities, with minimal human effort and functions; all this done with an enthusiastic spirit taking into consideration the safety of all employees. Industrial relations may also be defined as relations between employees and management. The trade union is an association, either of employees or employers or of independent workers. It is a relatively permanent combination of workers and is not temporary or casual. It is an association of workers engaged in securing economic benefits for its members. Trade and/or labour unions represent the employees in negotiations with the employer. Understanding Industrial Relation and Labour Legislation is very important for students of management in order to manage human resources effectively but in the process of understanding they encounter difficulties in the absence of a suitable book. Existing books on Labour Laws are either too technical or too cumbersome with plethora of case laws or too brief and too sketchy that they hardly convey anything. The result is that students get confused and develop dislike for the subject.


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