Mahan Chanakya Ki Jeevan Gatha

Rajendra-I: A Great Conqueror

Author: Kyulongsela Sangtam
ISBN: 9788193589397
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Edition: 2018
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Rajendra I was so far as we know the only son of his father and he duly succeeded asal Parakesari. Rajendra Chola I was the son of Rajaraja Chola and Thiripuvana Madeviyar, princess of Kodumbalur. He was born on Thiruvathirai in the Tamil month of Aadi. He was originally called Maduranthagan. He spent most of his childhood in Palayarai and was brought up by his aunt Kundavai and great-grandmother Sembian Madevi. He was made the co-regent in 1012 CE. Rajendra formally ascended the Chola throne in 1014 CE. In 1018 CE, he installed his eldest son Rajadhiraja Chola I as the crown prince. The ruthlessness with which he could conduct tho campaigns was evident in the battle-fields of the Pandyan and the Chalukyan countries. Rajaraja started the tradition of inscriptions containing historical introductions called I Prasastis. Though it is possible that the language of these Prasastis is exaggerated the main contents are generally above suspicion. His son and in fact all his successors in the Chola as well as the Chalukya-Chola dynasty continued this tradition. Rajendra Chola had many consorts including Tribuvana or Vanavan Mahadeviar, Mukkokilan, Panchavan Mahadevi, Arindhavan Madevi and Viramadevi who committed sati on Rajendra’s death. The Siddanta Saravali of Trilochana Sivacharya who was a contemporary of Kulothunga III states that Rajendra was a poet and he composed hymns in praise of Shiva.


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