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China Military Power Threat to Peace

China Military Power Threat to Peace

Author: N.N. Prasad
ISBN: 9789385496981
Language: English
Publisher: Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1
Pages: 297
Binding Style: HB
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China is one of the world’s oldest civilisations. In a huge, influential country ruled by warlords and threatened by external enemies, the Chinese often pioneered new military technology (inventing gunpowder in the 9th century). As a leading economic power, China is slowly modernising its relatively weak military forces, primarily for prestige reasons. It feels entitled to defend its interests in its own backyard, especially when history is on its side regarding the disputed islands in the East and South China Seas. Its recently established Air Defence Identification Zone was a long-delayed response, under severe provocation from the US and Japan, to the Japanese ADIZ. The US, Russia, UK and France have had their own unilaterally declared zones for years. In today’s world, the global trends toward multi-polarity and economic globalization are intensifying, and an information society is rapidly coming into being. Countries are increasingly bound together in a community of shared destiny. Peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit have become an irresistible tide of the times. As the book addresses this crucial issue quite deftly, it is hoped that it would prove to be a source of great information for the reader.


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Mahesh SharmaN.N. Prasad
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