Crisis Prevention and Confidence Building

Crisis Prevention and Confidence Building

Author: Gunjan
ISBN: 9789385995279
Language: English
Publisher: Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017
Pages: 333
Binding Style: HB
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Peacebuilding in the context of humanitarian aid has gained wider recognition since the last decade. Where political will (at the national and international level) for a negotiated settlement of armed conflict is low, aid organisations are expected to fill the gap through their programming. In line with the political disinterest for resolution of conflict, humanitarian aid to Afghanistan has also become subject to political conditionalities. Relations between India and Pakistan are at a low ebb and are likely to get worse. Relations between India and China are improving, but reversals can easily occur. This important and timely volume, the first of its kind, offers concrete proposals to help avert future conflict and to encourage regional cooperation. The authors are drawn from India, Pakistan, China and the United States, with most chapters being collaborative efforts across borders. The book brings together a host of experts to analyse competing interests of the South Asian states leading to interstate conflict formation and examine their various attempts at conflict containment and resolution.


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