Om (English)

Author: Shalabh Krishn
ISBN: 9789387225084
Language: English
Publisher: Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017
Pages: 456
Binding Style: HB
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"As stated earlier the elven priests of all religions came to know about those eleven paths along with sixteen minor paths which if the humanity shall follow the sin and misery shall not enter in their lives as human beings. The eleven priests of all religions told eleven others of the eleven paths and sixteen minor paths and the chain of knowing of all the paths started and spread like a big wave. After some times the entire world came to know about all the paths. The persons who followed them with devotion and respect got free from sin and misery. Many unfortunates gave a deaf ear to them and continued in their present life with sin and misery. They also suffered in their future lives living like beggars and downtrodden. Out of the persons who followed the paths many attained Nirvana meaning they got escaped from the cycle of birth and rebirth while others got birth in affluent families and enjoyed life but the following of the paths remained in their lives. They also soon after some births got Nirvana. Further the humanity also learned about protection of the earth. In many countries wars ended and peace started on earth. The humanity became inclined on protecting of the earth. More and more trees were planted and soon earth became pollution free. The humanity if will go on following those paths shall be invinsible. The almighty Lord Krishna from the space smiled feeling contented that for what purpose he came to the earth has proved successful."


The Author
Mahesh SharmaShalabh Krishn
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