Raja Raja Chola I - The Rajaraja Shivapada Sekhara

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Under the king Rajaraja Chola I and Rajendra Chola I, the empire became powerful in the field of army, finance and culture in South Asia and South-east Asia. Raja Raja Chola (985-1014 AD) was the greatest ruler of this dynasty. He first destroyed Chera (the rulers of Kerala, south India) navy at Trivendrum, then captured Madura and subsequently defeated Sinhalese (Shri Lankan) king Mahendra V thus occupying northern Cylon (modern Shri lanka). He further went ahead and conquered Maldive islands. His son Rajendra Chola (1012-1044 AD) was very worthy successor. He expanded his inherited empire by occupying whole of Shri Lanka (1018 AD) and later crowning the glory by inflicting a crushing defeat on Shrivijaya, the King of Indonesia, in 1025 AD. His empire consisted of whole of southern India, Sri Lanka, and parts of the Malay peninsula (modern Malysia) and the Sumatran-based Srivijaya Kindgom (modern Indonesia). Raja Raja Chola Iwas a renowned king who ruled over the Chola dynasty of southern India between 985 and 1014 CE. During his reign, the Cholas expanded beyond South Indiawith their domains stretching from Sri Lanka in the south to Kalinga in the north. Raja Raja Chola also launched several naval campaigns that resulted in the capture of the Malabar Coast as well as the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Raja Raja Chola died in 1014 and was succeeded by his son Rajendra Chola I.


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