The Army and Democracy Military Poltics in Pakistan

Author: Mahesh Chandra Mishra
ISBN: 9788193424766
Language: English
Publisher: Rathore Publishers & Distributors
Edition: 1st
Pages: 299
Binding Style: Hardbound
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The Pakistan Army is the land-based uniform service branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces. It came into existence after the independence of Pakistan in 1947. The Pakistan Army is a volunteer professional fighting force. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) it has an active force of 550,000 personnel in 2010. In addition there were around 500,000 reserves bringing the total to 1,050,000 troops. The Constitution of Pakistan contains a provision for conscription, but it has never been imposed. Democracy is one of the founding ideologies and systems upon which Pakistan was established in 1947 as a nation-state, as envisaged by the founding father of the nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan is today a democratic parliamentary republic with its political system based on an elected form of governance. As of current status, Pakistan is also the fifth largest democracy in the world. The military’s major goal is to expand its power and protect its business organizations. Changes to the constitution and the political system in Pakistan and interference in the electoral process have noticeably increased. On 17 August 2018, Khan secured 176 votes and became 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan while his contender and leader of opposition Shehbaz Sharif received 96 votes. He took oath of office on 18 August 2018. On 18 August, he announced his cabinet appointments, choosing to keep the Ministry of Interior to himself. This book contains the fundamental and basic information of the subject and useful for teachers, students and researchers.


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Mahesh SharmaMahesh Chandra Mishra
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