North Korea Nuclear Weapons Future Strategy and Doctrines

Author: Payal
ISBN: 9789385494420
Language: English
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Edition: 1st
Pages: 286
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North Korea conducted its third nuclear weapons test on 12 February 2013 with a yield that most estimate was around 6 to 10 kilotons. The test came on the heels of a December 2012 missile launch that placed a satellite into orbit though reports soon indicated that the satellite was not functioning properly. Given North Korea’s actions and apparent determination, any chance to achieve complete and verifiable denuclearization may be long gone. North Korea’s continuing nuclear and missile tests are clearly the most central issue. Not even the closest analysts of North Korea seem to have a clear idea about how many nuclear weapons the country has developed or is capable of developing, or even technical parameters such as whether the country has solved the problem of miniaturization of its nuclear warheads to mate one successfully to its ballistic missiles. North Korea claimed that it had, after the fourth nuclear test in January 2016. US military officials also suggest that Pyongyang may have managed miniaturization, though US civilian officials appear to be more skeptical. It is further hoped that the book will prove to be of immense value to teachers, students and researchers.


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